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This or the Apocalypse
  Rick Armellino - Vocals
  Jack Esbenshade - Guitar
  Cody Cavanaugh - Bass/Vocals
  Rodney Phillips - Guitar/Vocals
  Aaron Ovecka - Drums
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Most unfamiliar with Lancaster County, Pennsylvania typically associate it with sprawling rural environments and Amish populations. Those who have spent time in the central PA location can speak of an entirely different portrait of Lancaster. They have experienced the big city atmosphere mixed with the earnest hard work ethos of a small town. They know of the thriving and vibrant downtown arts and music scene, which has produced a number of ground breaking local music acts. They can also tell you the benefit of its close proximity to 5 major US cities. It is this blend of circumstances that established the creative approach, broad vision, and DIY principles of This or the Apocalypse. They are a band that exhibits the patience and dedication to step outside the box to create something both heavy and unique. Their craft of song is intelligent, scathing, honest and even uplifting.

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